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Yancheng Jiuda Aluminum Co.,Ltd,the English website is officially launched.

Yancheng Jiuda Aluminum Co.,Ltd,the English website is officially launched.
Jiuda heavy duty aluminum ramps are popular in some abroad countries,such as Vietnam,Japan,South Korea,Russia,the United States,widely used  in  agricultural machines and engineer machines for getting on or off and moving.Aluminum ramps have some advantages: safety,light weight,strength and corrosion resistant.Using our products can greatly reduce huge labor intensity,save labor cost and earn driver income.After  several years of studying,exploring,producing,selling,we have already mastered aluminum ramps technology and summarize a series experience of production,usage and after-sales service.For the sake of product quality,our raw materials are as same as airplane manufacture to ensure the mechanical properties( including strength of extension,compressive strength,shear strength )of ramp can reach the national standard.We purchase welding equipment and cutting equipment imported from  Europe to ensure welding indicators including depth of fusion,weld width qualified.Elephant ramps have better material,better anti-fatigue,longer service cycle.Even if many manufactures modeled after our Elephant aluminum ramps,but in the same service condition,the service life of our product is 1.5 times of the other ramps.
We sincerely welcome all new and old customers to visit our company and invite dealers all worldwide. 

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