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3 Reasons Why Elephant Aluminum Ramp is better than iron

When choosing to have a permanent ramps for vehicles,there is two main options for the ramp’s material:aluminum and iron.Despite iron ramps being less expensive than those made from aluminum,the durability,practicality,and simplicity of an aluminum ramp make it well worth the extra cost.
Reason 1:Cost
A difference at the surface is easy to be found.Obviously,everyone wants to save money,but as the saying goes,”you get what you fay for.”In fact,a iron ramp can help you save money in the  short-term.but in the durability and replacement fees will always make a heavy duty aluminum ramp the better long-term investment.
Reason 2:Iron is not Non Slip
Jiuda Aluminum have been patented the certification of non slip.Non slip is very important when at wet condition.None iron ramp have the patent.
Reason 3:Inspections
Once the aluminum ramp is finished,Jiuda Aluminum will test strictly to ensure the quality.However,some private workshops process iron ramp,they have no technology,only feelings.The safety can not be guaranteed.
Save yourself Time,Money and Hassle,Buy a Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramp
As the saying,time is money,.Using aluminum ramp can reduce huge labor intensity,save labor cost and earn driver income.
Do you have any new view about aluminum ramp and iron ramp?Please contact us,thanks a lot.

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